Monday, September 21, 2015

Viva Poncho!

luxie vintage cape tassel fringe hippie boho handmade
luxie vintage winter fall autumn cape hippie striped hippy hippie bohemian boho sweater
I think capes and ponchos are winter's way of keeping the free form caftan style alive. I've sold many acrylic knit native-inspired sweater capes like the one pictured above (Luxie Vintage) and I just never get tired of photographing them! You'll initially wonder where your arms are supposed to go, but as soon as you slip into one of these you'll feel right at home. Take it to another level with a style that'll keep you warm even in the heart of winter, like this poncho pictured below.
luxie vintage 80s high fashion taupe tan cape draped winter coat jacket autumn fall buttons avant garde

I love these poncho-pushin' promo pics from way back when...

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